Last breakfast in La Paz

Knowing that today was the day we were going to leave La Paz, I enjoyed my morning coffee and breakfast in the cockpit while gazing over the city and reminiscing about all the good times. Each mouthful of granola was eaten with care and extra crunching as I meditated on our favourite places, events, and all of the wonderful people we’ve met.

Just as I finished my last bite, Will yelped up to me: “Sarah – don’t eat your granola!” as he slammed his untouched bowl into the sink.

“What?!” Mild panic set in. “But, I already did!”

“Uh, okay, never mind…”

Of course I didn’t let want to him off that easily but my stomach started turning and he started laughing and so I shuddered, “No, please don’t tell. I’d rather not know.”

So far we’ve been very lucky with no bugs on board. We are extremely diligent about getting rid of all cardboard (where cockroaches lay eggs) and putting flour and other loose items into air tight containers. This was our first experience with unwelcome guests. Darn granola.

Around noon we pulled up the anchor and motored out into the channel. We waved goodbye to La Paz and then looked forward, excited for our next week of travel as we hop down the east cape and then cross over to the mainland where we plan to make landfall at Barra de Navidad.

As we motored away I questioned Will once again: “Okay, what was it? Worms? Larvae? Moths?”

“No”, he said, “it was small brown beetles.”

“Oh. Okay. Could’ve been worse.”

At least I got some extra protein prior to the crossing. Kind of like flax seed?

(I am writing this post to test the use of ‘Post via Email’ using our satellite phone. I hope it works!)

7 thoughts on “Last breakfast in La Paz

  1. Valerie Williams says:

    Yes, it works perfectly from your phone. Ooooo Beetles, yum, yum, lucky you, Sarah. Definitely better than worms!!

    Speaking of different beetles, McCartney concert last night was great. Finished around midnight. A lot of tired people in Vancouver today.


  2. HYDROQUEST says:

    It’s quite fitting that I almost had bugs for dinner too. As I was cooking this evening, a GIANT moth (4 in OD) came flying through the window and headed straight for my stirfry. Fortunately for me, he missed the pan. Unfortunately for him he didn’t last long next to the stovetop flames.


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