Ready to JUST GO!

I know I’ve been a negligent blogger, but improvement is coming soon.

Ben and Katy arrive tomorrow (woohoo!) and we have an appointment to check out of Mexico on Monday morning. Once we set sail (which may or may not be right away), we’ll be at sea for over 2800 nm with nothing to do but keep watch, eat, sleep, read, check weather, and write. Hopefully there’ll be some fishing happening somewhere in there too.  While I don’t promise to blog every day, I will certainly be documenting our crossing and will post updates as often as I can.  The iridium phone will be great for this but there won’t be any pictures until we hit a wifi connection in the Marquesas or Tuamotus.

We’ve been loading up the boat like crazy.  Two trips to Walmart and Mega for PHASE 2 provisioning, the Zaragosa for boat parts and jerry jugs, the Costco (for more canned chicked!), etc.  Hydroquest’s waterline has risen by at least two inches – poor girl, she’s looking good, but definitely feeling the added weight.

We rented a car for a day last week. So smart. We were a bit worried when the  rental company told us the car was new. As in, brand new – perfect upholstery, no stains, no smell.  Possibly not the best car to be stuffing full of food plus 8 jugs of diesel (200 Liters)… Luckily it worked out, and with a bit of cleaning the diesel smell was wiped off  and they were good enough to go back into the car full.

Here’s my ‘almost complete’ Provisioning List. Really, we just have the fresh items to buy tomorrow.


This has been a stressful and emotional period so we’re excited to JUST GO!  There are some projects that won’t get done (we may or may not have an SSB – more on that later), but we feel really confident that everything major is complete.

We are as ready as we’re ever going to be!

13 thoughts on “Ready to JUST GO!

  1. Fran Lloyd says:

    ..An impressive list…you are so well organized
    Murray and I will wait eagerly for updates. Your quest begins. Your preparation will ensure that your voyage is safe. Lots of love to you all
    Fran . Murray. Georgie and Betsie


  2. Tony Crews says:

    Hi Will and Sarah, just a note to wish you fair winds and fantastic sailing across to the Marquesas! I am so envious, but will be there with you in spirit! All the very best and enjoy!
    Tony Crews


    • HYDROQUEST says:

      Thanks for the well wishes, Tony! Great to meet earlier this year. We’re really hoping for good winds to get us to the trades – once we’re there I’m sure the sailing will be fantastic.


  3. Tom says:

    Dear Sarah and Will, enkoy your trip – we wish best winds and a safe jorney. We are skiing in 2000 m above waterline – but in some weeks we start our next phase at our trip to southwest … from Danmark to North Sea. Best wishes !! Tom


  4. Maroulla says:

    You are very much in our thoughts. Everything is now aligned. All you need to do now is set sail and harness that wind and enjoy the experience. Have a fabulous crossing.

    Oh, don’t forget the limes,They’re good for scurvy!!!
    Love you. XXOOXX


    • HYDROQUEST says:

      Thanks Mum. We definitely won’t forget the limes. Tonight we’re going to buy all our produce… including at least 20 limes, 20 oranges, 20 grapefruits. No scurvy for us! Talk to you soon. xoxox


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