We’ve had 25 knot winds from the NE since dawn. Hydroquest’s sails are reefed down, but she’s still moving along nicely. Unfortunately the wind has brought big seas so we’ve spent the entire day hiding out down below. It’s a roller coaster once again and much easier to ride it out while lying down flat. SV Ninita and SV Okestern are approx 90 miles behind us and are experiencing the same conditions.

At least it’s Friday! We’re counting down the hours until arrival…

Much love xox

19 12.8’S
164 24.2’W
Speed 6.0 knots
Wind 23-28 NE
Course 280T

3 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. fiona says:

    we are back in La Cruz again Sarah and Will … but only 3 boats moored this time … very stormy in the evenings … We are really enjoying keeping up with your trip!


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