We’ve been talking about this trip since our very first date!  We always had 2012 as a target in our minds and it really has taken five years of dreaming, talking, planning and saving to make it a reality.  2011 was a whirlwind. We got married, spent time making our home rentable, found and purchased the boat in Mexico, left my job, and headed south….   that pretty much brings you up to date to start reading this blog.

We are both from Vancouver’s North Shore. Will has worked for the family business – Hydrovane International Marine – for the past six years and I’ve  started a career in the human resources field. At this stage in our lives it’s not the normal thing to be doing – but we say WHY NOT?… and it helps that we can both continue to work for Hydrovane along the way!

I’ve read that cruising is neither better nor worse than what you expect, just different. I’ll have to wait and see as I’ll be learning everything as we go. Will, on the other hand, knows what he’s getting himself into. In 1996 his family left Vancouver on a one year sailing trip that took them down the US and Mexican coast, over to Hawaii and back. This amazing experience as a teenager gave him ‘the bug’ for life. To add to the knowledge he gained on that trip, he also crewed on a boat to the Galapagos and ran a yacht services business for a few years.

We’re not really sure where this trip will take us and where we’ll end up – and that’s part of the fun!

Pre First Cruising Season. Road trip – Vancouver to Guaymas, January 2012

Post First Cruising Season – June 2012

Climbing Bora Bora - July 2013

In the heart of the South Pacific, climbing Bora Bora – July 2013

April 2014... Life is good.

Bali, April 2014… Life is good.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Katsuhiko & Akiko Shiomi says:

    Hi Sarah , do you remember us? We are Japanese couple who met you both at Tetamanu Village.
    By the way, We recommend you a nice bungalow.
    that’s is Kia Ora Sauvage in Rangiora (French Polynesia),
    That’s resembles Tetamanu Village.
    Please click Kia Ora Sauvage on this site.

    You will be satisfied at this place;
    You should drink ” Bun Bun” that is special cocktail.

    Regards Akiko


  2. Elizabeth Fell says:

    Will & Sarah!
    So happy to see that you’ll be at the Seattle Boat Show this year. James is going to be coming in that Saturday night so we will miss your 1st talk but we are all planning to be there on Sunday. I see that you are also doing the presentation on Feb 1 so maybe we will make that one. Are you guys staying the whole week? Would love to see you for dinner or drinks.
    Emily was super excited when I showed her the post. “I want to see Sarah again.” She is making you a rubber band bracelet (all the kindy rage right now!) with the kit she got for Christmas!
    Feel free to email me direct at efell@hotmail,com or call/text 425-681-2542.
    Take care,
    Elizabeth & Steve Fell – Tonga leg of the Sophie journey


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