Waiting for UPS…

Location: Palm Desert, CA.Sometimes things just go a little too smoothly.  Our trip started on Saturday January 7th at 5am. Our bags were packed, the car was loaded, and we made it through the border in record time. We had passed Portland, OR before lunch. After 16 hours of smooth driving and lots of singing to stay awake, we found a great hotel to stay at in Sacramento, CA and by late Sunday afternoon we were in Palm Desert.

The original plan was to spend Monday in Palm Desert (buying things like bed sheets and engine oil) and to leave early Tuesday for the last leg of the journey to Guaymas.  We also needed to pick up our Hydrovane which we shipped here separately and was supposed to arrive last week. The problem is that it still isn’t here!

So here we are, two days behind schedule  – stuck in beautiful Palm Desert 😉  Oh well!

Palm Desert