We talked about sailing to the South Pacific on our very first date…  Perhaps we’d had one too many beers at the time, but the dream continued to grow! It manifested into lists – What do we need in an offshore boat? What do we need to save? Where? When? How? Five years of planning and saving and list-making followed. We were finally in a position to throw ourselves into the deep end back in 2012 – and bought our first boat in Mexico. We haven’t looked back since.

Now cruising aboard our second boat, Kaiquest, we’re totally hooked on the lifestyle: the experiences, people, places, moments (both high and low), and the freedom. We have jobs we love that tie us to the internet, so that’s always a big part of our cruising plans, but part of what makes the lifestyle work for us too.

Will Curry

Will had a better idea of what he was getting himself into. From sailing offshore with his family in his teens to running ‘Will’s Yacht Services’ and crewing in his 20’s – he’s had the boat bug for a long time! Will has many important jobs – including Captain  (only a Captain Crazy after many days at sea 😉 ) – and Bartender.

Sarah Curry

At the beginning of all this, my sailing resume was pitiful (non-existent).  I remember my first overnight sail – I was full of excitement and nerves. Will left me on watch alone, and I managed…  I’m a traveler and adventurer at heart, and that’s what has made all the  “What the hell are we doing out here!” moments so totally worthwhile.

Hugo and Kipp

Kipp and Hugo - Feb 2020 - EnsenadaOur twin boys were born summer 2019!  They spent time aboard in San Diego during the fall of 2019, and in February 2020 we set sail down the Baja peninsula for their first 1,000 nautical miles.

.Curry Family - Kipp, Sarah, Will & Hugo - Dec 14, 2021

Winter 2022

Lessons learned

… aka Rules we’ll (be trying to) cruise by this time around)


Yup, this is the name of our new game. Two years to buy a boat, outfit for offshore, and sail a good distance was pretty quick. We wouldn’t change a thing about Hydroquest’s ‘quest’, but we know Kaiquest’s adventures will at a far more leisurely pace.


There are always reasons not to go, or to delay going.  We often pinch ourselves and say ‘Wow – years fly by – can you imagine if we’d never left!?!’ For us, this motto goes for getting out there again, and also for heading to those more remote or off-track anchorages, ports, or island groups… sometimes those places that are a little harder to get to are the most worthwhile.


Cruising can be stressful. We’ve freaked ourselves out over engine issues, keel bolts (those are my personal favorite), tough projects, timing/schedules, etc, etc. I think not freaking out is either a lucky personality trait you’re born with – or a skill that comes with cruising experience and understanding of the lifestyle. Shit will happen. We hope to deal with the hurdles in a more relaxed manner this time around.


So many opinions. We’d heard negative things about the Marquesas (actually, a favorite for us!), Papeete (we loved it!), and other places we ‘must go!’ or ‘Don’t bother!’  Everyone’s experience is different so it’s worth checking things out for yourself.


Never Forget… Case and point.

The beginning! Pre First Cruising Season. Road trip – Vancouver to Guaymas, January 2012

Looking a little more weathered! Post First Cruising Season, La Paz – June 2012

Calling home from the Equator!

Calling home from the Equator… Passage Punta Mita, MX, to Taiohae Bay, FP – April 2013

Climbing Bora Bora - July 2013

In the heart of the South Pacific, climbing Bora Bora – July 2013

Sailing towards Sydney CBD, November 22, 2013

Sailing towards Sydney CBD, November 22, 2013

April 2014... Life is good.

Bali, April 2014… Life is good.

All dressed up - RVYC Opening Day May 2015

All dressed up – RVYC Opening Day May 2015

Sail into Van

Sailing back to Vancouver after Seattle Boat Show, February 2016

Ganges, Saltspring Island, BC – May 2017

4 thoughts on “MEET OUR FAMILY

  1. willedare says:

    I found your blog by chance when I googled “willsings” (which is the name of my web site) and found an image of Will singing in a small boat. This led me to your blog. I sailed some with my family (on a wide little Aquarius 21) on lakes and in the Narragansett Bay as a child. The description of your sailing quest on your blog is very inspiring. And the photos are definitely worth a thousand words. Thank you for documenting and sharing your process/evolution.


    • HYDROQUEST says:

      Hi Will, Thanks for your comments and sorry for such a delayed response (I blame it on us being away sailing for the past month). What a funny way to end up on our site. Of course I had to search ‘willsings’ to locate the infamous photo! Unfortunately for me (the audience) this Will’s singing in our dinghy in the mangrove maze would not have been nearly at your level, I’m sure!! Cheers, Sarah.


  2. Tyler Cobbett says:

    Hi Sarah and Will from a fellow Canadian. We live near San Francisco and sail a few times a year on day trips, but today we’re on Monterey Bay at the Elkhorn YC in Moss Landing as part of a seven day loop around the bay. Loved your comments about the different ports in the area, especially Stillwater Cove. Your website is amazing, a real labour of love and great resource for sailors. Thanks for the helpful information and great photo galleries!


    • theKaiquest says:

      Hi Tyler – thanks for reading! Ah, what a great place to explore – you must be seeing so much wildlife! We love California, and that coastline is very special. Appreciate the kind words. Our boat in down in Mexico now, and we will return soon with our one year old twins boys (I regret this blog has not been updated in a while). Enjoy your Monterey Bay loop!


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