Punta de Mita, Sayulita, La Cruz

HYDROQUEST at anchor in Punta Mita

Punta de Mita: We arrived early afternoon, anchored in 22 ft of water and enjoyed freshwater showers on the swim platform (which is already valued as amazing add-on to the boat). Punta de Mita is being marketed as a more upscale location and it does have a classy feel. There are no crowds, somewhat expensive beach restaurants, and beautiful boutique condos and hotels.

Sayulita:  A cab for 300 peso took us over to the hippie surf town of Sayulita. It’s a wonderful spot – Mexican with touches of American and European mixed in. It’s very much been “discovered” and you can tell there’s a whole community of gingo’s who’ve really figured it out and settled down to a life in the sun, peddling homemade pastries and jewellery on the beach.

La Cruz: What used to have realitvely few amenities and described by our 2005 version of Charlie’s Charts as the quiestest anchorage in the area, has now become rather busy. There were over 50 boats at the anchorage and another 75 in the new marina (opened 2009). The town is my favourite so far with old Mexican charm.

Our new home for the next month and a half is this area – we will get to know these places well!

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