Some like it Hot

For the most part, “some” includes us. The daily high has begun to hit 40 C (104 F) and is rising over the next couple of days.  There’s a point every afternoon as the sweat soaks through our minimal clothing, our computers have long since over-heated, and all our water is a non-refreshing lukewarm when we curse the heat. But overall, it’s kind of fun.

We are on the hook in front of La Paz Centro and it’s a good place to bear it.  There’s a constant breeze that blows through the anchorage (not to mention the cool coromuel winds that can bluster through at night – we’ve had 2 strong ones (20 knots) in the past 4 nights!).

Our solar panels are pumping out the power and we’ll begin the watermaker installation tomorrow. Unfortunately I only filled 2 out of 3 water tanks when we left the marina (woops, an air pocket made me think the third one was full) so this project has jumped to the top of the list.  Soon we’ll be totally self-sufficient.  For now, no fresh water showers allowed.

Too hot to write. Time for another swim.

La Paz temperature. 11am on May 13, 2012.

A random palapa hut on El Mogote (the sand peninsula in front of the city of La Paz). Will likes the shade.

Egg salad sandwiches also like the shade.

So do Lizards.

Sarah with La Paz in the background

We’re still the silly gingos who are hiking around at the peak of the afternoon heat. This sand was blisteringly hot.

HYDROQUEST at anchor. We love our spot in front of the town.

“Cool” Game! I wanted to join in! Rules: squeeze a wet sponge over your head and pass back it down the line to the last person. Last person has to crawl through everyone’s legs and then run down to the water to wade around a buoy and run back. Fun!

Taco time! At 9:00pm when the temperature is perfect.

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