Catch of the day

All our notions of being the worst fisher-people ever have been thrown out the hatch. This morning we finally caught out first fish while underway!! The fish was very pretty – silver with blue, green, and black stripes on its back – and the perfect size for two hungry sailors.

I would like to take all credit because I was the one who put out the line.  But maybe that’s not fair as Will pulled it on board, hit it on the head with the winch handle (we have no gaff), bled it overboard, filleted it, and cleaned up all the guts.

We anchored at Ensenada de Los Muertos at 4pm this afternoon after a pleasant 9 hour jump (50/50 motoring/sailing). The tuna tacos for dinner were awesome – and this is coming from someone who wouldn’t touch tuna a couple of years ago!

We were unable to buy a good fish guide book before we left La Paz (the one that was recommended to us is out of print) so if anyone can help us ID this fish, we’d appreciate it! We’re pretty sure it’s a tuna, but not sure what type. I’ll post a picture soon.


first fish low res

First Catch

4 thoughts on “Catch of the day

  1. HYDROQUEST says:

    You mean that ‘very pretty fish’ wasn’t enough to go on?! I’m back online so I’ve just posted the pic… I’m thinking it’s a Black Skipjack Tuna, which is supposed to be gross to eat. Hmm.


  2. rob says:

    Ya Skipjack tuna.. just caught a couple in Maui – next one you catch (if small) you can use for bait to catch a bigger tuna! Do you guys have rods yet or just those lines out the back?


    • HYDROQUEST says:

      Haha, very true. We only have the lines out the back, no rods. We had HUGE fish circling the boat in Tenacatita and so we were kicking ourselves for not getting a new rod. We’ll need to recify that soon.


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