Mainland arrival

The overwhelming emotion when pulling into an anchorage after an overnight passage is excitement. I’m betting that the excitement level must have something to do with the number of days/nights at sea, which means when we cross the Pacific Ocean the feeling we had yesterday morning with be magnified at least 8 times!

As we approached Tenacatita Bay we forgot all about our sleep deprivation. Our minds instantly purged the images of intimidating waves, the boat rocking from one toerail to the other, midnight sail changes and the spinnaker pole that kept dropping at the worst possible moments. We have since confessed to each other that we are surprised nothing on the boat broke on that second night! But, it’s all a distant past. We consider this passage a huge success: we faced some challenges, as expected, and we worked together to overcome them.

We had the anchor down by 7:00am yesterday morning after exactly 72 hours of travel.  Amazingly, there were only two other boats here when we arrived and they both had left by mid-day.

It’s incredible to have this gorgeous anchorage all to ourselves and this powerful feeling of excitment will be with us for a while!

Here is some footage of our Hydrovane at work:

And some pictures from the past week:

3 thoughts on “Mainland arrival

  1. Tony Crews says:

    What a fantastic sail! The fish that you caught looks like it is a pacific bonito (tuna and mackerel family)…..lovely eating especially after being at sea for awhile!


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