Day Three: Lumpy seas

Day Three

Position at time of writing:
15 52.28N
111 33.66W
Heading 255T

Not much to report today except that the seas are still very lumpy! Last night it was difficult to sleep; Will and I lay uncomfortably in our aft cabin cave for five hours as Hydroquest rolled and surfed down waves. The waves weren’t huge, but just short and steep – rhino waves.

All continues to go well on board. The seas settled out for a bit this afternoon and we did a sail change – from starboard tack with poled out jib to wing on wing – and then we changed the sails back. The wing on wing would take us on a course too far south whereas right now we think we need to be trying to gain as much westerly direction as we can.

My birthday party has been postponed again until tomorrow. Hoping for a bit of a steadier sea!

Time to go listen to the net. Nice to hear so many other voices 🙂

8 thoughts on “Day Three: Lumpy seas

  1. Karen Curry says:

    Hi team – Hearing from you means so much to us! I am sure that emailing is the last thing you feel like doing in lumpy seas so a huge thank you Sarah. You are doing great and have the first three days under your belt. I don’t remember that we got much sleep in the early days sailing out of PV either but it will all pass and life will settle down. Then that birthday party will happen…..Well done and love to you all, Karen


  2. Maroulla says:

    We hope the lumpy seas pass soon and you can all get some better sleep.. Take care of each other.
    Big hugs all round.


  3. Sarah says:

    Thinking of you guys on lumpy seas on this Easter Monday …………….Hope the sleep gets better as you settle into a routine. Jack and Jels and granny send their love …….we are all following you!
    Lots of love from the Southampton posse in the midst of tropical sunshine and palm trees ( not really ………April fool!)


  4. Fran Lloyd says:

    It’s pretty calm and dry here in the desert! We look forward to your communication…thanks for making the effort. You are making your families proud. Lots of love from PD
    Fran and Murray, Georgie and Betsie


  5. Jeremy Haile says:

    Sounds like things are well and keep up the good work. We are having a glorious Easter weekend in Vancouver and I had a great day skiing on Saturday. Love to you all and thinking of you always.


  6. Jane Elizabeth Brown says:

    Hi guys. I have installed a sea simulator at my desk so I can truly feel what you’re experiencing. Had to glue my computer down on my desk. Not really but yikes! sounds like an adventure for sure! Love reading about everything and looking forward to more photos!


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