Day Nine: Can we put these waves on PAUSE for 5 minutes?

Day Nine

Position at time of writing:
07 53N
122 46W
Heading 210T
Speed 7 knots
Wind 15 – 20 NE

Miles to Nuku Hiva: 1427 nm

Not much to report today. I’ve been trying to nap for the past couple of hours so am a bit groggy. The seas have continued to be uncomfortable for the past few days. Right now we have a large swell coming from behind us as well as a sizeable cross swell that hits us on the beam every so often. There’s wind chop on top of that. Last night I got pooped in the cockpit by a wave – there I was at 3am with my fleece, pants, hair, and cushion completely soaked with sea water. Will was also unlucky – a squid jumped onboard and hit him on the shoulder while he was dozing in the cockpit.

We’re still in good spirits but we’re now kind of looking forward to the ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone) where there is less wind and hopefully flatter seas. Something different! The ITCZ comes with lots of squall activity so we will try to cross it at it’s narrowest section. We’ve been amazingly lucky with all the wind we’ve had, but it would just be great to be able to put the motion out here on ‘pause’ for a little bit. Five minutes of STILL would be awesome!

We’re proud to say that we will reach out halfway point tonight!

10 thoughts on “Day Nine: Can we put these waves on PAUSE for 5 minutes?

  1. fiona says:

    I didn’t know squids could fly??????? How?
    and are the flying fish, a type of fish of are there many types that fly?
    Just wondering …..
    Back in showery, cool Vancouver …. but the cherry blossoms are pretty ….


  2. ocanada73 says:

    Yay! Half way! Gary and I have been in those rolling, following seas – nasty. And then The wind chop and the cross-swell…nasty squared!
    Hope it gives you some relief soon!


  3. Steve says:

    Hola from la Paz! Great to read about ur journey! Just got boat put to bed..wish we were there:) …heres to the downhill…s


  4. Luc Bregg says:

    Just caught up on the trip! Sounds like an incredible adventure so far. Looking forward to every update. Awesome Blog Sarah, please say Hi to Ben, Katy and Will for me


  5. Maroulla says:

    I hope you get out of the swell soon. Its rough with waves splashing over and squid attacks! It must be terribly hard to sleep. I’m impressed with the great attitude and humour you all seem to have. Keep it up !!
    Love Mum.


  6. caseyone says:

    We had 40 knot winds sitting inside the shrink wrap rebuilding winches and starting to clean and oil – Spilled the first beer (Sam Adams of course) and blood (damned brass castings) of the season!


  7. Chris says:

    Hi you guys! Dotsy and I are on the beach in Huatulco and will drink a toast to you both when we anticipate that you are crossing the equator. Good luck with your final run.
    Love from Chris and Dotsy


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