Day Thirteen: Equator PROPOSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day Thirteen

Today, day we cross the equator, was always meant to be a BIG DAY…. But it just got a whole lot bigger.

Will and I are down below cleaning up after lunch. We hear weird noises coming from on deck. Giggles, exclamations, laughter – noises not normally associated with taking down laundry.

All of a sudden Katy sticks her hand down through the companionway – “Guys. Look at my new jewellery!!”

It takes us a few moments to clue in. I look at the Punta Mita friendship bracelet on her wrist, thinking, “ya, that’s cool”. Then I focus in on the ring. Engagement ring!!!

So, Ben pulled off the best proposal ever. Equator crossing – Middle of the ocean – En route to South Pacific Islands. And Katy said “Yes” (of course).

Now comes the equator/engagement party! CONGRATS BEN & KATY!!!

29 thoughts on “Day Thirteen: Equator PROPOSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Karen Curry says:

    Omg, omg, omg, – we are still reeling from this wonderful news!!!!!! Ben – how did you pull this one off? I had been thinking of you all so much today and now this. Really Katy it is kind of a typical male Curry approach to things. Katy we love you and are so excited! All that and the equator too. Wow – life is rich for all. Enjoy the celebrations, Mom


  2. Jean Adshead says:

    Wow! How romantic Ben! Well done. We are so happy and excited for you – our families are growing and we are delighted. Dodger says woof to you both and misses you. Enjoy an extra special Equator crossing party. Cheers to you both! Love you lots Mom & Chris xo


  3. fiona says:

    WOW another WOW post but this one takes the biscuit!! CONGRATS you too! We are so happy and ULTRA impressed at Mr Romantic Ben! Way to go! We can’t wait to hear the details!
    Fiona and Brianna …. and Dave too


  4. Sam bolt says:

    Amazing news. Just read this out loud for the first time to Andrew a we are out for his bday dinner and wow, what a great surprise. So happy for you both. Once you guys dock or anchor I sure it’s going to get wild so wish we could have been there to celebrate.

    Miss you guys more than you know.

    Love Sam xx


  5. ocanada73 says:

    Whoohoo!!!!! Congrats all around! Katy, your mom and I are both dancing! And Ben, big, big points for that proposal plan. Probably the most romantic story I’ve ever heard!


  6. John - Katy's new father-in-law says:

    Someone asked: The Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), known by sailors as the doldrums for its lack of wind, is the area encircling the earth near the equator where the northeast and southeast trade winds come together. From Coleridge’s ‘The Ancient Mariner’ about the Doldrums:

    Water, water, every where,
    And all the boards did shrink;
    Water, water, every where,
    Nor any drop to drink.

    Weird things happen in those equatorial waters …. and good things too. Way to go Bennie! ….. and way to go Katy too! Luvya both

    Just wanted to know if the Captain will be marrying you or shall you wait until we can all attend?


  7. Mike Macquisten says:

    YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSS!!!!! Amazing buddy. Congrats, so slick. Hope you snuck a bit of bubbly on that trip. Can’t wait to celebrate upon your return


  8. Maroulla says:

    Well done Ben! We love Katy and think your one lucky guy. Very smart proposal! . How could she say no and live on the boat for the next few weeks? Really, big congratulations to you both. You are both such lovely people and Sarah is lucky to gain a new sister.


  9. Katy's Aunt Donna says:

    Hi Katy,

    Your mom called me last night just ecstatic about your big news. Congratulations to you and Ben! Definitely a wonderfully planned proposal–well done Ben. I asked your mom whether you got a ring and she didn’t know but now we do. Again very well done.

    All our love and best wishes to you both as you sail off into a wonderful life together.

    Aunt Donna and Uncle David


    • Steph says:

      Ben and Katy…love the grand romantic gesture. Congratulations…what a way to ring in the beginning of your newest adventure! Cheers and hugs! Steph


  10. Emily (Sarah's sister) says:

    AHHHHHH That is the best proposal ever! Congrats Ben and Katy, you guys are both amazing ! XOXOXOX Couldn’t be happier for you both!


  11. Irene says:

    WOW that is such a romantic story. Congratulations Ben and Katy!! Following your sailing adventure has already been amazing and this topped it all. All the best!!


  12. Sheila King says:

    Ben and Katy – just heard the news! Congratularions. What special memories you’ll have. A wonderful start to your life together. All the best wishes. Doug and Sheila.xx


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