French Food Day

There are few even half-decent anchoring spots near the town of Uturoa on Raiatea (it’s too deep) but the downtown quay is free to tie up to. We arrived a few days ago in a strong wind and unfortunately the few good spots on the pier were already taken. The remaining ones would mean Hydroquest being pushed into the dock all night – we had neither the patience nor the fenders to allow this.  Instead we grabbed one of two nearby Dream Yacht Charters mooring balls and were later happy and surprised to find out that the cost was a six pack of beer for the crew! A great deal… so we’ve stayed three nights.

Overall we’ve been disappointed with Uturoa. This doesn’t happen very often to us…. disappointed with somewhere in Paradise? Sounds ridiculous, we know. I think it was a combination of the lack of good wifi (frustrating when there’s work to do), crabby people in both of the restaurants, and a sense of letdown from the absence of any ‘buzz’ in the Leeward Island’s biggest commercial center.

To cheer ourselves up, we decided to declare June 22nd ‘French Food Day’:

Breakfast: Fresh French bread smothered in Nutella (totally guilt free on French Food Day!) with big bowls of coffee.

Morning: Awesome hike up Mount Tapioi which provides an incredible view of Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora in the distance, followed by a swim and shower at the public beach.

Lunch: Pasta with a ham, cheese, pea, and white wine sauce. Pasta for lunch… why not?!

Afternoon: Boat projects followed by a second swim and shower at the public beach.

Late afternoon: Dinghy excursion to a small motu and cold sundowner beers with a snack of crackers and tapenade.

Dinner: Ratatouille and couscous with more french bread and dark chocolate for dessert.

We’re feeling full and happy once again. Ready to leave for Tahaa this afternoon and then on to Bora Bora!

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