Just a quick note to say all is well! We left the protected lagoon of Bora Bora at 4pm yesterday and, as usual, found ourselves in a big swell with lots of wind. It was an uncomfortable night. Today things are looking up –
the swell has diminished a bit (as predicted) and we’re moving along nicely. 155 nm’s covered in the past 24 hours. I’m so glad I pre-cooked pasta and rice and chopped up some vegetables – neither of us have our sea legs back enough to do much cooking.

Lots of love to everyone at home

17 03 S
154 28 W
avg 6.5 knots
winds 20 SE

4 thoughts on “Underway

  1. FranLloyd says:

    Glad to hear you are well. You wont believe this but we have some friends who retired here in Baysville(near our cottage) whom we met in Aitutaki. They owned the resort we stayed in there. He not only ran the resort but taught sailing to the local kids. He at one time ran a charter sailboat business in Europe as he is Dutch and his wife is Canadian. He has lots of local Aitutaki knowledge and I could ask him about getting in somewhere with your big draft. let me know what you think, or put you in touch with him.
    Fran and Mur


  2. Sarah and John says:

    Good luck with the next stage of your adventure! May you have fair winds and smooth seas!
    Lots of love from granny, Sarah and John x


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