Over halfway

It’s a good feeling to move into the second half of the trip. We have approximately 460 nm’s to go which should mean landfall on Sunday evening. Yesterday the winds were fairly light and today they have filled in a bit more. We’re doing a consistent 6 knots but it would be nice to get a bit more of a push tomorrow. We already anticipate having to motor for the last day.

We’re not too bored yet… I’ve read 3 novels, Will has read a few magazines, and we’re taking turns reading out loud from the South Pacific Guide and Soggy Paws Compediums (a cruising guide). Now that we’re doing the research, we realized how cool Niue and Tonga sound! Can’t wait to get there…

Lots of love to everyone at home xoxo

Current position
18 31.3S
161 48.5W
Course 260T
Avg 6 knots
Wind 15E

3 thoughts on “Over halfway

  1. Bruce says:

    Hi guys
    Angie and I are following your adventure with great interest. Katherine visited tonga last year and loved it. Take care
    Angie and Bruce


  2. Tony Crews says:

    Tonga is a gorgeous cruising mecca ……people there are terrific! I would so love to go back there for a month or so. We delivered a boat and I spent a month just cruising around. Enjoy! Here’s to fair winds and full sails.


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