A wet day

We assume we’ve encountered the SPCZ – South Pacific Convergence Zone. Since sunrise we’ve been trying to dodge squalls – mostly unsuccessfully. The wind died down so we have the engine on. It’s kind of nice because it means we can run the radar without worrying about the batteries. Squalls actually show up on the radar screen.

Today reminds us of the four days we spend in the ICTZ – Inter Tropical Convergence Zone. Very damp, wet and dreary!

However, with under 160 nm’s to go we’re getting very excited about making landfall. Our ETA is tomorrow evening. It will be dark by the time we get close, but we know that Niue is reef-free and has a very deep coast line. It’s even too deep to anchor there! We shouldn’t have a problem picking up a mooring ball, hopefully with the help of the sliver of moonlight that is starting to show.

Lots of love to everyone

18 50.4’S
166 46.6’W
Course 266T
Speed 6.0 knots
Wind Variable

2 thoughts on “A wet day

  1. Ben & Katy says:

    Oh god we remember those squalls! Sounds like another glorious landfall. Can’t wait to see pics! Off to the pool xo love Ben & Katy


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