Breaking free of the vortex… onward to Waya

This afternoon we went to pay for our mooring ball at the Musket Cove Marina and realized that we’ve been here for almost two weeks! Time has flown by. Our new Kiwi friends who sail to Fiji every year warned us: the Musket Cove vortex is a strong one. It clearly sucked us in…

We enjoyed our first few days here so much that we consciously decided to stop talking about our ‘the schedule’. Why not just revel in the fact that we’ve covered so many miles already and just enjoy being here (too often conversations are dominated by plan making and ‘where are we going next?’ talk). With a secure mooring ball for HQ, hiking and other fun activities, a small grocery store on shore, and a sparkling swimming pool, spending time in Musket Cove is about as stress-free as cruising gets. And I must mention the nightly BBQ’s at the Island Bar where you bring your own food but the plates, utensils, and condiments are all provided by the resort. The friendly staff also do your dishes! Okay, this is hardly cruising, but it’s been fun and we’ve enjoyed every day of it.

On a bit of a whim, Will and I decided to try scuba diving (Will was a first timer and I’d only done a couple of shallow dives in my teens). We ended up getting our PADI Scuba Diving licences because we thought it was so great.  It’s a whole new world down there, and we’re hitting ourselves over our heads for just figuring that out now, in the last quarter of our trip. The colorful fish and coral of Fiji’s waters are beautiful and we especially enjoyed seeing turtles gliding through Wilkes pass (near famous Cloudbreak surf spot) and the schools of tuna.

Finally (and I realize that this blog post has turned into a list of excuses for our extended stay…), the weather has been uncooperative. With the number of uncharted or mis-charted reefs in the area, the sun is an important navigational partner. For the past week the skies have been overcast and rainy and the trade winds accelerated. Yesterday I bundled up in leggings and a sweater and was shivering (in 22 Celsius). Will is growing a beard to combat the elements.

Today the sun came out again and it shoud be clear for a few days. It’s still blowing 25knots, but that’s fine. The ‘schedule’ can’t be ignored forever, so if we want to see any other islands, we need to get our sail on. Tomorrow we’ll head for Waya, the southernmost Yasawa island. After a week or so in the Yasawas (where I might finally have the chance to swim with the giant manta rays… an experience that keeps eluding me), we’ll sail back down to Vuda Point to check out and continue on to Vanuatu.

Hiking on the hills of Mololo. Tide is way out.

Hiking on the hills of Mololo. Tide is way out.

Trying to keep warm...

Trying to keep warm…

Will on the golf course - that cold beer isn't going to warm you up!

Will on the golf course – that cold beer isn’t going to warm you up!

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