Boring day

Vuda Point (Fiji) to Tanna (Vanuatu) – ETA Tomorrow morning

We are feeling much better now that the wind has come around to the SE, rather than hitting us right on the beam. Hydroquest is scooting along, and our ETA in Tanna is 11am tomorrow morning. Yay!!! Arriving in daylight means we probably won’t be able to see the red glow of the volcano’s crater as we approach, but we do expect to see ash flowing up in the air. All accounts of this volcano (especially from the crater’s edge) are spectacular.

We’ve done very little today – just reading and dozing. Gosh, it can be boring at sea! We have our sea legs back, but still don’t feel well enough to do much. I used most of my energy to make lunch: vegetable quesadillas that were very tasty. And last night’s chicken pasta dinner was pretty darn good too. Tonight we’ll probably have noodles or kraft dinner.


18 57′ S
171 20′ E
Heading 254M
110nm to go
Speed Avg 6.5-7 knots
Winds 16 – 20 SE

2 thoughts on “Boring day

  1. Fran lloyd says:

    I love KD! You know that was your parent’s and my favorite food at university. Great photo of you and the yacht! How did you do that! Can’t wait to see the pics of the volcano glow. Lots of love F & M


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