9 thoughts on “Mount Yasur Video

  1. Jeremy Haile says:

    Absolutely amazing. We are in Whistler with Emily for the weekend and have just had a family viewing of the video. You are both looking fantastic and obviously not afraid of dinosaurs. Lots of love.


  2. Karen Curry says:

    Oh my – I am still recovering from seeing that! Once again – I am so happy that we become aware of these adventures after the fact. Sarah you are not only a wonderful writer but I can now see film making in your future. Xxx Karen


  3. Will and Mary Curry says:

    Too cool. Just like walking in the volcano at the south end of the big Island of Hawaii. Great memories. Looked pretty risky as there were fresh clumps of lava on your perimeter walk. Surprised you could make the walk. Loving all of this. Will Curry, Oakville


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