25 20S, 161 12E

Hello everyone on land! The seas here have started to flatten out a bit and the wind has dropped enough that we are far more comfortable today than yesterday. With the current help we’re moving extra fast and have been doing about 8 knots all day. Unfortunately I’ve had a bad headache since the morning so am still hanging out in the aft cabin. Momentary relief provided by our last two advil has made this blog possible 😉

Dinner tonight is going to be real food (last night I had a piece of bread and Will ate half a cheese and tomato sandwich). I premade rice and cooked vegetables before we left so all I have to do is throw that in a pan with some egg, ham and soya sauce and Voila! Fried rice. Yum, I’m hungry for it already. We eat dinner on Hydroquest before the sun goes down so I’ll have to start cooking soon.

Lots of love to all.

25 20.8S
161 12.2E
Speed 8 knots
Wind 20 Knots E
Seas 2m

3 thoughts on “25 20S, 161 12E

  1. FranLloyd says:

    There is nothing worse than a headache………unless you stub your toe on a cleat or……… catch your finger nail and it tears off or….I could go on…Hope you head feels better now!
    May the wind stay with you!
    Lots of love
    fran and Murray


  2. John Curry says:

    Lets see …… not eating, no coffee, no booze, hardly sleeping ……. having any fun? ….. of course you have a headache.



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