Final night at sea

Tonight will be the final night of our Pacific ocean crossing. We’ve covered 7,000 nautical miles in the past seven months since we left Mexico, and now there’s only 130 to go. 130!! It seems ridiculous. We’ve spent 47 nights at sea, and tonight will be the last one (on this trip 😉 ). The thought of our landfall tomorrow is incredibly exciting and still hard for us to wrap our heads around. Our adventure will continue in as we hop down the coast to Sydney Harbour, but the ‘ocean voyaging’ is coming to an end.

We are happy, we can’t wait to explore Australia, and we are amazed that we’ve almost accomplished this crazy goal that has been many years in the making.

There will be tears and champagne tomorrow for sure!

28 57S
155 08E
Heading 240T
Speed 6.2 knots
Wind 15 NE
Sailing wing on wing
130 nm to Coffs Harbour, NSW

14 thoughts on “Final night at sea

  1. Kathleen Flynn says:

    hard to believe- seems like yesterday we were jumping off! you’ve come so far. cheers to you both and hydroquest xo love katy & ben


  2. karen974 says:

    There will be champagne and tears here tonight as well as we celebrate your arrival. What a journey! We are thinking of you today as you sail those last nautical miles. Love to you both, Karen


  3. Sue Harris says:

    Hello to you both. I am a friend of your Mom and Dad , living in South Africa and I have loved following your very exciting journey . Good luck with the rest of your travels and ask your Dad for my details if you ever find yourselves in South Africa.

    Sue Harris


  4. John says:

    Do you mean this is that last blog from Hydroquest at sea? That is very sad.Yes, what an achievement! Such an adventure! So lucky to have done it – and I know it is a lot more than luck – lotsa work. So sad it is over ….. well not completely ….do look forward to having you both with more time to get back on your keyboards doing Hydrovane’s bidding.


  5. Jeremy Haile says:

    What a fantastic and enviable experience. We are so exited for you both. Congratulations and we’re looking forward to seeing you in Sydney in 5 weeks. Lots of love


  6. Tony Crews says:

    It’s been an epic journey for the two of you… that you will both carry with each other forever! Loved following your journey and will miss the blogs! Enjoy Australia, there is so much to see over there….You’ll need another year! Wishing you both happy travels and all the very best.

    Tony Crews


  7. Gina Campagnolo says:

    Way to crush a major goal!! So proud of you guys and I cannot believe this adventure is almost coming to an end. Don’t fret though, you will both have a lifetime of adventures!! Enjoy Australia.

    Lots of love
    Gina Chris and Gabby


  8. Sheila King says:

    Congratulations – you are an amazing duo. Have fun in Australia – one of my favourite places in the world. Love and best wishes. Doug and Sheila King.


  9. Fran lloyd says:

    Land ho! Congratulations! You have done yourselves proud! Mur and I are extremely proud of you!
    Lots of love
    Fran and Murray and Georgie


  10. Irene says:

    Please keep blogging! We want to hear the land stories too. Congrats to both of you on a successful and adventurous journey! Cheers, Irene


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