Trial Bay

Happy Halloween to everyone at home!

We celebrated yesterday with some Halloween candies on the 30nm motorsail from Coffs Harbour to Trial Bay. Along the coast we saw three sets of humpack whales and were visited by dolphins every hour. Wonderful! Trial bay turned out to be a perfect place for Halloween with an old prison out on the point that gives the area an eerie feel… we really should have launched our dinghy to check it out.

The Optus data coverage extends out into the anchorage here so we’ve just checked the marine forecast. It looks like our brief weather window is closing out over the weekend.  So – we will probably sail the 125 nm to Port Stephens overnight tonight (the overnights are not finished for us!), but we still have the option of stopping in at Camden Haven just before nightfall, if we want to (we would have to cross a river bar and the high slack tide isn’t until 7:30pm).   Either way, we will be somewhere safe before the strong southerlies kick up again.

We’re looking forward to catching the ‘Finding Nemo’ current that runs 2-4 knots down this stretch of coast! No rush to leave this morning.

(By the way, this blog is posted in Vancouver local time which explains any confusion over dates.)

5 thoughts on “Trial Bay

  1. Jean Adshead says:

    Happy Halloween to you both from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle! Chris and I are staying in Fiona and Dave’s condo for the month. It super here! Hot and humid. Love the sunset pictures. Safe sailing down the coast. Cheers Jean (Katy’s Mom)


  2. FranLloyd says:

    The moon is ris…the winds they howl…I wonder where the Goblins is! i just made that up…whaddaya think ? Personally we have just arrived in PD and have turned out the lights and eaten all the candy!
    Happy Hallowe’ennie
    F,M G


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