Presentations @ Van & Seattle Boat Shows

We are busy getting Hydroquest in tip top shape while we’re at a dock (8 hours of polishing yesterday… ughhh) and also preparing her for the holiday season.

Also on the To Do list, finalizing our presentation for the Vancouver and Seattle Boat Shows. I’m finding it very difficult to compress photos and highlights of the past two years into a 50 minutes slide show!

We will be leaving Hydroquest in Pittwater and flying back to the Pacific Northwest for the shows. Unfortunately, Hydrovane does not have a booth at the Vancouver show because of the overlapping dates, but we will be presenting on the first night.

Friends, family and everyone else with an interest, please come and hear about our adventures! We are sooo excited to catch up with everyone back at home!

Vancouver International Boat Show:

  • Wednesday January 22nd @ 6:15pm

Seattle International Boat Show:

  • Saturday January 25th @ 6:15pm
  • Saturday February 1st @ 6:15pm

Sarah and Will, Vancouver Boat Show

2 thoughts on “Presentations @ Van & Seattle Boat Shows

  1. Jamie says:

    I will be in Seattle the week of the boat show but unfortunately for neither of your talks, so I will have one of my proxies go to the talk, raise their hand, and ask about cats. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you guys!


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