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A question we are often asked: ‘What is the hardest part about cruising?’

Without a doubt, the hardest part – more demanding than the stress of preparing a boat, tougher than night watches, big seas, and lightning storms – has been coming back from cruising. It’s not at all because we don’t love it at home (we do!), but rather the emotional effects of having had such a big dream, having worked so hard to make it happen, and then having done it.


Since returning home (to North Vancouver) in June, we’ve been left feeling flat. What now? What should we be working toward? What should be I be filling my day dreams with?

As I tried to conclude in a recent article, “What happens after such an amazing adventure? How do you top cruising through the South Pacific with a pack of like-minded salty sea-pups?

I think the only answer is: you don’t. You pinch yourself daily to make sure it really happened, re-live the memories and the experiences in your mind, and plan life’s next grand adventure. Needless to say, the bonds formed with people we met along the way will be one of our voyage’s more lasting rewards.”

We truly do have to pinch ourselves now and then.

A beautiful and busy summer at home was followed by five weeks of travel to two boat shows (Southampton, UK, and Annapolis, USA) for work. In these past months, and on this recent trip, we’ve had a lot of great conversations that’ve readied me to reflect about my emotions here.

Many such conversations have taken place in correspondence with other ‘former’ cruisers/adventurers and then also in person with dear friends from SV Orkestern and SV Ninita (in Sweden earlier this month, between the boat shows!). I realize how normal these emotions are and how, although our sailing life has trained us hard to deal with change, how impossible it would be to come home and fall right back into ‘life before cruising’.

Other reviving conversations came after our seminar ‘Mexico to Australia – the Two Year Plan’ at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis on Sunday where we re-lived our adventure with a fun audience of other cruisers, soon-to-be cruisers, and dreamers. Although we set out to motivate others, we’ve been left feeling very inspired by many of the people we met who are just setting out on their own adventures. I remember so well what it feels like to be at the beginning of a voyage…  and that passion has been re-ignited… uh-oh?!

After the seminar, our Q&A session was cut short. I’ve received a few questions by email which have been fun to respond to, and also multiple requests for the slide showing the legs of our SoPac crossing. Great for planning!  I’d like to point people to this blog post which has all the dates:

I think perhaps it was fitting that we were moved along by the next speaker before we had the time to answer this last question: “What’s your next adventure going to be?”

The answer is still a work in progress… but it will involve:

  1. A sailboat (more on what we’re looking for in our second boat coming soon!),
  2. Two slightly more experienced sailors (can I call myself a sailor now??), and
  3. Another Dream.
In answer to another question: This photo is from the North end of Fakarava, the Tuamotus, FP.

In answer to another question: This photo was taken at the North end of Fakarava, Tuamotus, FP.

3 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. Marisa and Allan says:

    You’ve always had the gift of being eloquent and expressive in your blogs, Sarah — I like to think that’s the HR professional in you! (Remember I too was a reformed HR Director before becoming a cruiser ;). Have loved following your adventures by blog. Of course it helps to have gotten acquainted with and Will at the start of your first adventure here in Guaymas/San Carlos! We are still hoping to cut the docklines this season (I know, I know, we were scheduled to follow in your tracks years ago, but never did!). Sounds like you are handling the let down from cruising in the only way I know — by not forgetting the dream! Stay in touch as you continue on your adventures. You never know when we’ll run into each other again….Allan’s now retired from full time work so with any luck, we’ll finally get out of here this season. Moving aboard Nov 1st! And that’s after 11 years of being landlocked. So you see….you CAN continue to live the dream, and then go back out again! Saludos de San Carlos….


    • HYDROQUEST says:

      Hi Marisa and Allan! Yes, you knew us right at the very beginning of all this – and helped make it a good start!! Thanks for the update and congrats on the pending move aboard. Marisa, will you continue to work as you cruise? You really have kept the dream alive and we wish you many more adventures out there. Perhaps we’ll share an anchorage one day… you never know 🙂


      • Avenger Yachts says:

        Yup…we’re trying your formula this time…work and play together! I will continue to broker boats and have just renewed my CA license for another 2 years. Allan will continue to do his marine surveys. Both part time, of course, subject to distraction by whatever treats cruising brings us. I don’t need to tell you about daily distractions of cruising…you’re both giving lectures about that now….too cool!

        So good to still be in touch…

        Saludos, Marisa y Allan

        PS couldn’t reply on your blog post, don’t know why…so sending you this email.

        Sent from my iPad



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