Date: October 2015

The project: Not really necessary for offshore cruising, but TOTALLY necessary for Pacific Northwest winters: to reduce moisture/condensation under the mattress!!

The considerations: When we first discovered this issue, we tore the bed apart and were searching for leaks in the main water tank!  Then we realized that it was literally just ‘bed sweat’ – from this very damp Pacific Northwest environment. Ewwww.

We considered a new type of mattress, but custom mattresses are very pricey. And we think we will eventually split the back cabin into two, and move ourselves into the forward cabin (meant to be the Master Cabin anyway).

The fix: We found our savior: the Froli Bed System at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis.

The outcome: They work! The flexible plastic elements are placed and joined under the mattress. You can choose where to attach more springy elements or where to add tension clips for more support if needed.

The main point is that they allow airflow under the mattress and moisture is greatly reduced. Not completely, but enough. There is a bit of an improvement in comfort too.

On a side note, we NEVER had this issue in hot climates: Mexico or the South Pacific.  The Pacific Northwest is bad for it’s humidity and needing to have hatches closed if it’s raining or cold.

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