We move quickly, so it’s best to take a look at our most recent blog post to find out where we are….

Hydroquest was sold in Australia and she’s in her new home is in Lake Macquarie.  As of April 2014, Will and I are travelling by land in Southeast Asia.

More importantly, I think – Where have we been?  We sailed over 10,000 nm in the past two years.  Here is a global view of our Pacific crossing. After an amazing year in Mexico, we left in March 2013 and visited French Polynesia, Niue, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia en route to Australia.

You may be interested in this post for more information: NUMBERS

Hydroquest's 2013 Trans Pacific route

Hydroquest’s 2013 Trans Pacific route


These dates are hardly relevant (remnant from when I was trying to detail our every location), but I can’t bear to erase the info:

January 18 – March 28, 2013: Banderas Bay…. depart for the South Pacific
January 18, 2013: Arrive in Banderas Bay
January 9 – 18, 2013: Las Hadas, Barra de Navidad
December 16 – January 8, 2013: Zihuatanejo
December 1 – 15, 2012: Tenacatita, Barra de Navidad, Las Hadas
December 1, 2012: Arrive Tenancatita Bay
October 15, 2012 – November 26, 2012: In La Paz and nearby islands
June 15, 2012 – October 15, 2012: Hydroquest in La Paz, Will and Sarah elsewhere
June 8, 2012: Arrive back in La Paz
May/June 2012: Sail as far north as Bahia Candeleros
April/May 2012: La Paz and surrounding islands
April 24, 2012: Arrive La Paz
April 18, 2012: Depart Banderas Bay area
April 10 – 16, 2012: in San Francisco area for Oakland Boat Show
February 25, 2012: Arrive Punta de Mita
February 24, 2012: Depart Mazatlan
February 22, 2012: Arrive Mazatlan (Marina El Cid)
February 19, 2012: Depart San Carlos (Marina Real)
February 15, 2012: Arrive San Carlos (by air)

10 thoughts on “WHERE ARE WE?

  1. Alexa says:

    Looks like you guys are having an amazing time so far! I can’t believe all of the dolphins! How incredible!! Can’t wait to see where you get to next. Miss you!


  2. Emily says:

    WOW! Craig and I can’t wait to get down there in May. Thanks for setting up the blog – it helps everyone know you guys are safe and having a blast! The experience of a lifetime!


  3. Nancy Power says:

    I still have your mother’s handwritten letters mailed when you were in port on your family sailing adventures. I loved getting them but this blog is better!


  4. karina says:

    Yahoo – we made it! Arrived at our landfall today in La Paz after three long nights at sea. Sarah and Will you were awesome to be with on the boat with but I will let Sarah write of our adventures… she does it so well. Thanks for rekindling our love of the sailing life. Now I am ready for a huge Margarita….


  5. ann perkins says:

    Two great young people sharing a wonderful adventure- meeting many people and cultures along the way- good for you both Ann & Erwin x


  6. Steve and Judy Dauzenroth says:

    Will and Sarah, Good luck on your trip. We are in Mazatlan with s/v Code Blue. Had planned to do PPJ this year but looks like it will be 2014. Motor transmission tells us to spend more time in Mexico. Finally got it installed with a delay of Black Hole of Guadalajara, we shipped air and finally got it a month after it arrived in Guadalajara. Send an email if you would.
    Steve and Judy Dauzenroth


  7. David and Sarah Salt says:

    Hi Will and Sarah, great to catch up, could not find your email address, but yes North Head will be crowded but views up the harbour and down the coast, so you can catch up with the start and the run probably under spinnaker down the coast, if going out keep to the north of the two marks in the harbour entrance. So far they are talking about NE for NYE so Atholl Bay would be perfect but very very crowded, alternative to anchor further out off Cremorne Point, there will be a line of yellow markers to show the no go zone in the middle of the harbour, a diagram will probably be on the Maritime Website, a third option would be Hermit Bay further out on the southern shore, views of the bridge and beyond but I feel you need to be close to really get the effects and in sight of bridge as this is part of the show. Have a great Xmas and 2014, David and Sarah


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