Busy times during Semana Santa

Semana Santa, “Holy Week” (Easter), brought thousands of Mexican tourists to the beaches of Banderas Bay.

Here are some photos of us around the Bay.

Beach at La Cruz - absolutely packed with people!

We rescue two girls who had run out of gas on their seadoo. Luckily they weren't too far from the beach, but it was getting dark and one of them was very cold.

We rented paddle boards at Sayulita - no room to sit on the beach!

Man down!

I try paddle boarding for the first time... love it! Makes me think of Gina and Chris 🙂

View of Sayulita from the water

Thousands of Needle Fish also came to town

One thought on “Busy times during Semana Santa

  1. Gina Lonsdale says:

    You two hotties are making chris and I look bad – Sarah you even have a tan!!! You both are bronzed!

    Miss you much

    Lots of love


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