Safe and sound, back in Mexico

We survived our trip to the USA!

As much as we love San Francisco and the surrounding areas, I have to admit that I felt more nervous there than I do down here. Granted, the Stictly Sail Pacific boat show is held in a somewhat dicey part of Oakland – which is considered a more dangerous city than others in the SF bay area.  There was only 1 armed hostage situation in Jack London Square during the show (no joke – police, helicopters, arrests) but luckily nothing more violent than that as there has been in past years.  Wherever you go, there are risks.

We had a fun time and it was a great boat show!

Today we start our trip north to La Paz with John and Karen aboard as crew (we are pulling out of the marina as I write this).  The passage will us three nights with a possible stop over in Mazatlan, depending on timing and wind.  Clear, blue waters of the Sea of Cortez, here we come!

John, Sarah, Will and Karen in the Hydrovane booth

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