Rain Rain Rain… Hurricane?

We left Vancouver in the rain, and we arrived in La Paz in the rain. It was a funny feeling eating tacos in the middle of a downpour last night!

The great news is that Hydroquest was in FABULOUS shape when we went to the boatyard this afternoon. Batteries are fully charged (we left a partially covered solar panel hooked up), there isn’t a drop of water in the bilges, and she is completely free of cockroaches! It is so nice that all our hard work preparing her for the summer paid off.

It also appears that we came back at a good time to take care of her.  Hurricane Paul is brewing southwest of the Baja peninsula… and all weather forecasts are showing the storm heading our way.

Check out www.passageweather.com for complete forecasts.

Hurricane Paul – Oct 15 1800

Hurricane Paul – Forecast Oct 16 2100

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