Summer Stages away from Cruising

Being home in Vancouver for the summer was an amazing reality-check. Our first four months of cruising were surprisingly very busy and stressful compared with our previous ‘normal’ lives (or maybe not so surprising when we consider the new boat, lack of experience on my part, and consistent Hydrovane workload). It was nice to come home to relax and re-group.  When you step back from a situation you are able to see it more clearly:  Wow, we really achieved this. We are living our dream. We made it happen.

We went through the following ’emotional’ stages over the summer, beginning when we flew home on June 15th:

Weeks 1 and 2 – RELIEF

  • Back home again to family and friends.
  • Two amazing weddings!
  • Life is so easy… endless running water, huge fridge and freezer, large bed with sheets that aren’t sticky and sweaty, a car to get around in, etc.
  • Full nights of sleep with nothing to worry about.
  • Relief from the heat.

Weeks 3 and 4 – RE-ADJUSTMENT

  • We had forgotten what a work week feels like when you’re stuck in an office! At least when we worked in Mexico it was in beautiful locations or on the boat… Luckily the Hydrovane office is fairly casual 😉
  • I start to feel the unwanted social pressure to put on makeup, do my hair, and wear nicer clothes. Oh, city living.

Weeks 5 and 6 – RESTLESSNESS

  • Will craves projects without a house or a boat to work on.
  • I follow all our friends blogs who are spending the summer Sea of Cortez, wishing we were there…
  • “Okay, that was fun, let’s go back to the boat now.”

Weeks 7 and 8 – REPLENISHMENT

  • Sailing trip to Desolation Sound…. Worth being back!


  • The countdown is on for trips to Europe and the east coast. We know that once we sit down on that first plane, the time will fly.
  • The weeks and weekends are busy – must see friends, enjoy weekend trips, go to favorite restaurants, etc., before we leave.

September, October – GO, GO, GO!

  • 13 flights in a six week period.
  • All travel, little down time.
  • Southampton International Boat Show – visiting with Sarah & John, Jack & Joel, and Granny!
  • United States Sailboat Show, Annapolis – met lots of very inspiring people!
  • A long last minute To-Do list suddenly forms…
  • Goodbye to family and friends (see pics below. Sorry we didn’t get everyone)

We arrived in La Paz last night. After exactly four months away from Hydroquest and Mexico we are so happy and excited to be back! We know for sure that the hardwork and stressful times are worth it.

This blog is officially back in action.

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