Zarpe and go… (almost)

Ben and Katy settled in quickly (as in, within an hour) and not to waste any time we got our Zarpe (official crew and boat check out paper) this morning.  With the Zarpe, we now have to leave Mexico ‘in a reasonable amount of time’. No problemo!

Almost everything is done onboard Hydroquest. We need a bit more fuel and all our fresh produce, but that’s about it.

The best news of the week is that our single side band (SSB) radio is working!  We can’t thank Richard on SV Red enough for his help to get the Kenwood tuner and SGC radio up and running. SSB radio is almost a must-have at sea because it’s the only way to talk to other boats. With it, we’ll be able to communicate with other boats that are hundreds of miles away.  Safety and entertainment. Our puddle jump group has an organized a nightly net for everyone en route to check in to. I’m sure this will be a highlight each day – finding out who else is out there, where they are, what kind of weather they have, what they had for dinner. As I said before, we would have left without the SSB but WOW, are we ever happy to have it working!

We’re anchored in La Cruz tonight. We can’t eat any of our boat provisions so we have to go out for dinner again tonight. Oh darn!

4 thoughts on “Zarpe and go… (almost)

  1. Neal Schneider says:

    We were told that we wouldn’t be allowed into French Polynesia without a Zarpe and then once we got there, none of the customs/immigration/gendarmes wanted to see it! Have a good, safe passage with fair winds and calm seas.


  2. rob says:

    Good Luck you 4! I’m looking forward to hearing your updates as you guys make the trip. Hopefully you catch some fishies as you cross the ocean! Tell Will to put his hair into a pony tail throughout the voyage, and toss Bennies last couple packs of cigarettes away so he quits cold turkey!


  3. Karen Curry says:

    Hi Team – We are so excited for you and somewhat envious! You are truly seizing the moment and this adventure will shape the rest of your lives. So – go with great gusto, courage and spirit as I know you will and we will be with you in our minds every step of the way. Xxx Mom


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