Day Five: Sail, Read, Sleep, Eat

Day Five

Position at time of writing:
12 54.3N
114 57.7W
Heading 205T

Wow, is it ever rolly out here. Too rolly to write much!

SAIL: We’re still sailing beautifully wing on wing, directly on course, with less than 2000 miles to go! We just rocked it at 10.7 knots down a wave. Our daily average for the past 5 days is 144 nm.

READ: Both Katy and I are on to book #3. There’s no shortage of time for reading.

EAT: It’s looking like a freeze dried food dinner tonight. Last night we had KD. We’ve been eating lots of our veggies and fruit too, but sometimes it just feels too rolly to even try and make an attempt at cooking. Kudos to Katy for making pancakes for breakfast this morning.

SLEEP: We’re all getting good at cat naps. I couldn’t help but laugh last night when I woke up and saw Will sleeping beside me, his whole body rocking back and forth and head wiggling side to side even though he was fast asleep. It’s amazing what you get used to.

3 thoughts on “Day Five: Sail, Read, Sleep, Eat

  1. Karen Curry says:

    Wow – you are making good time! I am impressed that Katy was able to make pancakes, Sarah you are keeping us up to date with your highly anticipated blog entries, Will is apparently lolling and rolling around in the cockpit while sleeping but…..not a word about Ben! Ben – what are you up to???? Your Mom


  2. Maroulla says:

    Are any of you seasick? I can’t imagine reading in that rolly sea but at the rate your reading you’ll be out of books before long!
    Well done to brave Katy for venturing into the galley to make pancakes and to you for blogging every day. How are the boys faring?


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