Day Six: Washing machine effect

Day Six

Position at time of writing:
11 24.3 N
117 09.9 W
Heading 235T

Update from Captain Will:

We finally awoke this morning to a consistent swell pattern with moderate seas. The ‘washing machine effect’ has subsided and we are moving along nicely in NE trades. We are heading further West as the trades are slowly dissipating to the East according to the GRIBS. For those of you not familiar with the washing machine effect you can easily simulate it by sitting on the end of a teeter totter with somebody slamming you up and down and at the same time rolling from side to side. While doing that, throw in your daily routines of eating, sleeping, walking, going to the washroom and actually trying to accomplish stuff. Then throw in some random boat part that needs repairing in an awkward spot. Did I also mention that its damn hot during the day! Well, you get the idea so appreciate every bit of terra firma you have…….Thankfully we all have our sea legs and life onboard is seeming fairly normal. Benny made omelette’s for lunch with the last of our Oaxaca cheese which were pretty awesome. The nights are star lit and we’ve been enjoying the moonlight on the O’dark thirty watch. We have 860 miles to go until our big equator crossing party! That’s all for now.

Team Hydroquest

4 thoughts on “Day Six: Washing machine effect

  1. Gail Basse says:

    Seems like fun at sea. As a sailor myself I know the washing machine effect. Sailing downwind wing and wing is so fun with a trailing swell.


  2. Karen Curry says:

    I remember the washing machine effect too well! Anyhow, good news that you are in the trades. All the parents – your land based Team Hydrovane are having dinner Sunday e evening here. We are going to celebrate you “getting close to half way”. Glad to hear that Benny is cooking too and getting in touch with his inner chef. Sounds like all is going well – we love the blog! Xxx Karen


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