Day Seven: Games at sea

Day Seven

Position at time of writing:
10 41N
110 01W
Heading 200T

Today is supposed to be an exciting day: One Week Out and 1000 Mile Out milestones, as well as Easter. It’s 6:00pm and we haven’t had any of our celebrations yet – we’ll probably get wild and crazy at dinner, ie. eat a special celebratory pasta, toast with soda water and juice, and open our Easter package (which hopefully includes some easter eggs to have for dessert!)

All day we’ve been keeping ourselves occupied chasing the wind and playing games.

Games at sea:

1) Fish Hunt. Search for flying fish and squid around the boat. Ben sat on a squid this morning – extra points for him.
2) Sink or Float. Throw things overboard (organic garbage only – veggies, paper towel, etc.) and guess at what will sink and what will float. 3) Guess Who. Think of a famous person and everyone has to ask questions to figure out who it is. Ben and Katy have probably logged 15 + hours on this one.
4) Where in the Pacific are we? We each guess our latitude and longitude after a period with the chart plotter off.
5) How long to Nuku Hiva? We each guess how many miles to go. Right now, only 1719!

More to come on this list… we haven’t reached ultimate boredom yet.

Unfortunately the wind is starting to evade us. The trades are pulling west and although we’ve been making as much headway as possible, I don’t think we’ll catch the tail end of them. We’re flying the spinnaker right now – still doing 5 knots in about 8 – 10 knots apparent, but we’ll sock it up before nightfall. Tonight or tmorrow we may have to motor again. The grib files show the trade winds filling back in east on Saturday so hopefully we won’t be windless for long.


13 thoughts on “Day Seven: Games at sea

  1. Tony Crews says:

    According to your position at time of writing you are going ESE and are 426 nm east from yesterday’s location???? You guys are having way too much fun and not paying attention to your course!! Are you diverting to Galapagos?? Wish I was with you! Enjoy Easter and your birthday Sarah!


  2. Karen Curry says:

    Happy Easter! Will – we were out when you called yesterday but received your message. Darn – hope we can connect at another time. Dad is wondering if you are receiving his emails??? Cold, wet and rainy here. Wonderful to hear from you each day – hugs to all. Mom


  3. fiona says:

    Happy Easter to you all! Hope there was LOTS of chocolate mini eggs for you! I am really enjoying following your travels. Hope you got a photo of Ben on that squid!


  4. Jean Adshead says:

    Happy Easter! Here comes Peter Cotton Tail! If you are really bored you can also play Guess My Word or Guess My Song – give 2 or 3 clues – or how many ways can you …..? Have fun! I hope you are taking lots of photos. Hugs!


  5. Sam says:

    Hi Guys, Happy Easter. How did Ben sit on a squid?

    We went skiing at the weekend which was fun. Now back to work and its pouring rain but we did have a beautiful long weekend. Off to a bridal swop this weekend and have my hair and make up trial, fun!
    Keep the posts coming love them and miss you guys a ton 🙂



  6. bob says:

    Methinks there’s a typo (or two) in the position report!!

    Dead reckoning would put you at about 10 0.041N 119 01W instead of 10 41N
    110 01W. Looks like the word processor may have dropped a zero ahead of the decimal point on the latitude, and somehow 119W became 110W on the longitude.


  7. Emily says:

    Hopefully you guys on are the right course (RE: Posts above) lol and it was just a typo! Miss you guys!

    Hope you enjoyed the Easter treats!!


  8. Fran Lloyd says:

    Maybe, on the ocean, the squid is really the Easter bunny….you did say you had eggs and how else would they get there? Happy Easter everyone…we’re praying for wind for you!
    Fran and Murray, Georgie and Betsie


  9. FranLloyd says:

    Hi Guys its me Murray ok who am I thinking about?? He was the only athlete to play THREE professional sports simultaneously. More clues to follow, if needed.


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