Day Fifteen: Southeast trades

Day Fifteen

Position at time of writing:
02 52S
131 04W
Heading 230T
Speed 7.5 knots
Wind 18 – 22 knots from SE

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve hit the southeast trade winds that are going to push us all the way to the Marquesas. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, a consistent 18 -22 knots, and no more squalls on the horizon (thank goodness – they were starting to get really annoying). A big swell is up once again, also from the the SE. The feeling is different from the washing machine effect; now it’s more like a sideways bucking bronco. Hydroquest is managing well.

We ran out of fresh vegetables a few days ago. The cravings have begun: Leafy green salad, crunchy celery and carrots, yogurt, cappuccinos, cocktail hour, infinity pools, fresh smelling towels, space, walking more than 8 ft., and so on.

We’re on the home stretch but now the days are starting to take longer and longer. This is where the endurance game really kicks in. We’ve taken bets on our arrival date and time and most calculations/guesses are pointing at Tuesday or Wednesday next week. We just have to forget that we’ve been onboard for over two weeks already and try to pretend that we’re out on a long weekend cruise. Easier said than done!

ps. I’m very serious about the leafy green salad… can someone just airlift some romaine over here for me?!!

3 thoughts on “Day Fifteen: Southeast trades

  1. FranLloyd says:

    Hang tuff…..lettuce entertain you! Think I will get in the pool and then go for a walk! Meditate and visualize and all will be well! It will all be worth it!


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