Day Sixteen: Trying to make friends

Day Sixteen

Position at time of writing:
04 24S
133 22W
Heading 240T
Speed 8.0 knots
Wind 25 knots from SE

The south pacific ocean certainly has a personality – a bitchy one. Three days in and we are still feeling leery of her; unsure of what face she will show us next. Every time we think we she’s easing off on us and becoming more pacified, she slams another hard wave at our beam or gives a us good dousing of salt water in the cockpit. We’re not friends yet. All we can do is to keep trying.

We’re having a lumpy, bumpy sleigh ride out here, but we sailed 180 nautical miles towards our destination in the past 24 hours. Can’t complain about that at all.

482 miles to go!

9 thoughts on “Day Sixteen: Trying to make friends

  1. Jeremy Haile says:

    Congratulations on the fantastic progress. At this rate you’ll see land in two and a bit days. We so pleased everything is going well. Lots of love.


  2. Karen Curry says:

    Darn her – she is really a piece of work. However…you are making fantastic progress! Very impressive – certainly fast compared to the old tub that Dad and I sailed on to the Marqueseas. Keep up the good work team Hydroquest. Lots of love, Karen


  3. Pat, Anne and Andrew Hurlburt says:

    Thank you so much for the updates. We think that you are ever so brave as you sail the high seas on your amazing adventure. Congratulations to Ben and Katy on their engagement!!


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