Day Seventeen: So close!

Day Seventeen

Position at time of writing:
05 50S
136 16W
Heading 250T
Speed avg 6.5 knots
Wind 15 knots from SE

(Woops, my last blog post wasn’t actually a blog post, but instead an email to our friends on Starship. Ooops!)

Day Seventeen and we’re sooo close! We’ve started talking in numbers and calculations: x miles to go, if we travel at an average of x knots, we’ll arrive at z time. We do the calculation every few hours.

Our ‘secret’ motto was “21 Days or Better”, but we didn’t want to say it out loud too often in case it didn’t come true.,,, Now it’s safe to say that our crossing will be 21 days or better. All calculations point towards 19 meaning an arrival on Tuesday April 16th in the evening. We are really going to push to make it into the bay before sunset.

Morale is still pretty good. We get quiet and sleepy and non-talkative at times, but we’re all still feeling okay. We opened our final package entitled ‘Boring Day’ and so have been enjoying easter treats (possibly put in the wrong package?), reading comics, and Katy has just started boiling water for our beef straganoff dinner (thanks Scott!)

289 miles to go!!!!

5 thoughts on “Day Seventeen: So close!

  1. Gail Basse says:

    Wow. I have so enjoyed your posts. It seems to us that you are flying at incredible speed! We are living vicariously through you four!


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