Day Eighteen: ETA

Day Eighteen

Position at time of writing:
07 06S
138 26W
Heading 215T
Speed avg 6.0 knots
Wind 10 -12 knots from SSE
A perfect sail right now – beach reach in seas with a long, consistent swell pattern.

We have a Garmin GPSMAP 720s chart plotter mounted in the cockpit just next to the steering wheel. It’s touch screen, has neat features like 3D view and fish finder, and with the new chip for French Polynesia, it’s been our TV for the past 18 days. As I’ve mentioned before, we check out ‘miles to go’ regularly and try to figure out our approximate ETA. But we don’t have to do the calculations anymore; now that’s we’re going to be arriving at our waypoint within 24 hours, it does the count down for us!

What’s funny, and a bit confusing, is that we’ve been operating on Vancouver time (UTC -8) for most of the trip. We figured it would be easier that trying to figure out where and when to adjust the clocks. In our little world right now, the sun sets at around 9:30pm and doesn’t rise until 8:30am. Marquesas time zone is actually UTC – 10.5 (I believe), so we’ll be arriving 2.5 hours earlier in the day than our chart plotter indicates. Great! Maybe we will have enough time to blow up the dinghy, set the stern anchor, and go to shore before the sun sets…..

Katy promises to dive onto land. I plan to kiss the ground. Ben is going to drink 10 tropical cocktails and go MIA for at least two days. Will looks forward to actually wanting to drink a beer.

We don’t really know what to expect from this small town on remote island in the pacific but, man, we can’t wait to find out!!!!

145 miles to go!!! ETA: sometime tomorrow afternoon.

11 thoughts on “Day Eighteen: ETA

  1. Karen Curry says:

    Will and Ben – Hallelujah!!!!!! How exciting. It was forty years ago this month that John and I sailed into the same bay on Fatu Hiva. I remember that one day way from landfall we could smell the scent of coconut husks burning in the night. It seems unbelievable that you will be landing in that same bay tomorrow – both of you with your wonderful partners Sarah and Katy. We are planning an arrival celebration party here in the desert with Fran and Murray tomorrow night. Hugs, Mom


  2. Emily says:

    I am beyond excited for you guys! You made it! Let us know when you start to see land!
    Enjoy some celebratory cocktails upon arrival!!! 🙂


  3. Irene says:

    Hi Guys – what a celebration it will be! I’m so happy to hear that you will firmly plant your feet into warm sand….all ahead of schedule! Cheers to all of you. Irene


  4. Gerry Humphries says:

    Way to go guys! It all sounds incredible and romantic from here but there has been a reality to these blogs (how’s the stomach Will?) that makes the journey real. A journey on many different fronts, one that you will remember sharing for life. Love the irony of J and K doing this exactly 40 years earlier.



  5. Wes says:

    Hey Will, Sarah, Ben & Katy,

    Just want to wish you guys all the best on the last leg of your trip! I’ve been following the blog, sounds like a great adventure. Congrats Ben and Katy on the engagement! Enjoy the south pacific.



  6. Maroulla says:

    Love you all ! We wish you all the best celebration with Salad and fresh fruits galore when you arrive.
    Also a quiet anchorage so you can sleep well tonight after a nice walk in Paradise.



  7. K-Po says:

    You guys are crazy!! At least crazier than I…. Congratulations on the crossing, I’ve caught up on all your posts and have quite enjoyed living vicariously through them…Sarah: I hope you have braided Will’s hair into the glorious ponytail I’m sure it deserves to be by now. Will: I’ve got a Coors Light with your name on it when you return…

    Congrats to Ben & Katy as well!


  8. Jess & Mark says:

    Congrats Ben and Katy on the engagement and the crew on the accomplishment – super stoked for you guys and can’t wait to hear about all the adventures . Enjoy the tropicalness!!
    xo Jess & Mark


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