Fiji calling … and Photos of Tonga

As quickly as we grow to love a place, we realize we’ve come to an end of our stay and get excited to leave. Fiji is calling…

Three weeks in Vava’u Group Tonga was the perfect length of time. There were many highlights. The whale watching, day sailing on SV Sophie (I spent most of the rainy day inside the condo-sized main salon watching Harry Potter movies on the flastscreen TV!), Mariner’s Cave where we had to swim underwater to get into the cave (major fear conquered), seeing the King of Tonga, and the Pig Party. SV Warskavi and SV Lady Lostris organized the pigs (well, piglets) for Rosie’s 30th birthday. Rosie is from Quebec, crewing on Lady Lostris. I stayed on the boat while the pigs were skewered on a giant stick but was there at the end of the night picking the pork off the bones and face like a real carnivore.

It took us (Hydroquest, Orkestern & Ninita) two weeks to make a joint decision on where to make landfall in Fiji. We finally settled on Suva (the big city), rather than Savu Savu (which is supposed to be lovely), because the route from Suva will be faster to get to the western island groups of Mamanuaca (ex. Tom Hank’s Castaway island) and Yasawa (ex. Brook Sheild’s Blue Lagoon island).

It’s a 450 nautical mile passage, so will take us three nights. We’re leave first thing in the morning (Sunday here) 🙂

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PIG PARTY - Pig on the fire at Port Maurelle

PIG PARTY – Pig on the fire at Port Maurelle

SV Sophie... day of sailing and fishing (and movie watching...)

SV Sophie… day of sailing and fishing (and movie watching…)

3 thoughts on “Fiji calling … and Photos of Tonga

  1. FranLloyd says:

    Hey Will you will have to show me how to roast the pig with the Cloth?? or special paper?? wraping the pig, Maybe in PD Murray


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