Tonga to Fiji hop – Day 1

Yes, a 450 nm passage does just seem like a ‘hop’! We should be able to cover the distance in three nights. We set sail from Tonga at 10:00am on Sunday morning. The conditions were beautiful and upon leaving the protection of Vava’u’s islands we weren’t hit with the usual ocean swell we’ve grown to know so well. The sea has felt practically flat!

Despite the great conditions, we were feeling nostalgic and sad to be missing our important friends’ wedding in Whistler which was happening simultaneously. We wished we were dancing the night away with the new Mr. & Mrs. (we were there in spirit!), but our night passed uneventfully, alone in the ocean. It was cloudy but the almost-full moon lit up the sky to the point that it was too bright to sleep in the main salon.

This morning while I was sleeping, Will had a visit from a pod of humpback whales. Why do the whales like us so much?! It’s neat to see them, but really, sailboats and whales don’t mix well. Knowing it would make me nervous, he didn’t wake me up. The whales followed in our wake and came close abeam, blowing so loud that he couldn’t believe I didn’t stir. Will felt that their behavior was just curious and completely non-threatening, so he quite enjoyed the experience.

On the menu today: oatmeal for breakfast (as usual), PB&J sandwiches for lunch with carrots on the side, and lentil roti wraps for dinner.

One thought on “Tonga to Fiji hop – Day 1

  1. Fran lloyd says:

    Mur and I think we will have a burger with cheese and wings for dinner!….maybe some fries oh and really cold ice cream…..yum!…….wild berries are in too…perhaps on top of the ice cream!
    Love ya
    F and M and G


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