Nelson Bay to Newcastle

All is well aboard Hydroquest once again. Many days of rest in Nelson Bay did the trick, and now we are back to normal activity level.  Hydroquest was starting to grow roots onto the jetty dock, so early one morning we woke up and said “Let’s go!” The forecast was for light easterly winds, but in reality they were southerly. Under engine power we were only doing 4.5 knots so decided, happily, to pull into the coal port of Newcastle.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again one last time: we just can’t get over how friendly everyone has been since we arrived. Our dock friends in Coffs to start. And then Candace and Shayne taking us under their wing and becoming good friends. Another sweet couple, Ross and Kim, who we met at the Nelson Bay dock offered to help find us a spot at the Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club. As we motored into the port, we called them, and they had already arranged the use of a slip for us. Luxury showers and a perfect location on the foreshore! On our first foray around the city we met and were invited out for dinner/drinks by another new friend, Maria, so we actually had Friday night plans out on the town. Hello delicious craft beer! So much of the fun of cruising is who you meet, and we’re super happy that this important part of it hasn’t been lost in a first world country.

We’re feeling quite at home here. It’s even been wet and rainy. Will scoffed when I bought an umbrella two weeks ago, but I’ve used it far more than either of us expected.

The southerly winds have finally ended so tomorrow morning we’ll head to sea again…. either to Pittwater or all the way to Sydney Harbour… a whole 65 nm!

3 thoughts on “Nelson Bay to Newcastle

  1. Marisa says:

    Looks brrr cold there…I thought it was summer time on that side of the world? So glad you guys are having a great time. Cruising is really about the people, and am so glad to hear that your good fortunes and great adventures continue over there. I love telling folks how you started out over here, and now look at what you’ve accomplished. Awesome! Saludos de San Carlos! Marisa y Allan


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