6 thoughts on “SYDNEY!!!

  1. Bruce Brown says:

    Well done guys. Welcome to my old home town. You will have a blast! Looking forward to seeing you both chez Browns in the new year.


  2. Shayne Humphreys says:

    Well done, watch out for those Manly Ferries! They have right of way by law as well as their size. I thought the wind wasn’t going to be strong enough to get you to Sydney in one day. I was watching it during the day and there wasn’t much wind in Newcastle.



  3. Tara & Tim Boddington says:

    Congrats! Watch out for the bluebottle jelly fish at Bondi Beach! They can wrap around your ankle as you casually wade into the water from the shoreline. If it happens, just remember the Friends episode when Monica gets stung. One of you will have to take one for the team 🙂


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