When one adventure ends

When one adventure ends, another one begins.

Hydroquest, our home and the real ‘rockstar’ of our Pacific crossing, is for sale in Sydney, Australia. Yes, this was always part of our plan, but it’s been an emotional few days now that it’s official.

Without the confidence we had in Hydroquest, our voyage would not have been possible.  We would not have had the experiences we had, or seen the things we have seen.

We’ll be back in Sydney in March to ensure she’s still in tip top shape and to eventually say goodbye. Just like us, we know that she has more more adventures in her future.

Please don’t stop checking up on our blog; it’s not ending!

HYDROQUEST LISTING: http://www.justsail.com.au/beneteau-405/ 

3 thoughts on “When one adventure ends

  1. Nancy Power says:

    This listing makes me a bit sad even though I was never aboard Hydroquest! You are right though, as one adventure ends, another begins!


  2. The Sailing Podcast says:

    Hi Will and Sarah,
    I gave your blog a mention on my podcast this week so hopefully a few people will stop by to check out your site. Let me know if you are coming back to Australia and maybe we can catch up for an interview about your trip,


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