Hydroquest Sold

We flew back to Sydney on March 1st. Oh, the wonders of air travel…

A week after our arrival we moved Hydroquest (who, by the way, won versus the birds!) to a mooring at the Balmain Marina. It’s an excellent location and also the site of the Sydney office of David Bray Yacht Sales. We’d made it clear that we weren’t interested in selling HQ prior to our return in March and that, in fact, a sale into April or May would be just fine. But we met with George and mentioned that Hydroquest was ready to be shown. Two days later we had an offer.

Needless to say, things moved quickly, and we were relieved to have already flown home with four very large and very heavy bags of ‘stuff’. We were able to move our remaining ‘stuff’ off Hydroquest in a couple of days. Where does all this ‘stuff’ come from! We’re turning into an anti-hoarders …. “Throw it out, throw it out!”

So yesterday we said goodbye to Hydroquest, our First Sailboat… no future boat will ever have that Title. Of course there were tears, hugs, and kisses. Obviously neither of us are feeling much connection to our material objects, but Hydroquest herself is a different story. She’s taken us to amazing places and she’s been our protector across the big Ocean, so much more than just a home. A relationship with an offshore boat is a special one and we’ll always remember her as boat we loved.

I’m getting teary about it all over again….

Hydroquest will have the pleasure of continuing to enjoy sailing in Australia – lucky girl! You may wonder about our future plans…  We will stay in Sydney for at least another week or so but Australia starts to feel awfully expensive when accommodation costs are thrown into the mix. We’ve loved our time here but other places (in the Southern Hemisphere) are calling our name. We’ll keep you posted.

10 thoughts on “Hydroquest Sold

  1. Jeremy haile says:

    It’s wonderful to hear that you have a sale so quickly, but obviously it’s a reflection of a good choice of boat in the first place, and that it has been well looked after. I’m sure that she will always have a special place in your memories. Have fun going forward, keep safe and don’t take too long to get back to the real world! Lots of love.


  2. Tara Boddington says:

    This post made me sad too but obviously a quick sale is good news. Tim and I will remember her fondly for the short time we spent onboard in Mexico. She was kind to us, no sea sickness to speak of despite being rookie “sailors”. We love you Hydroquest!


  3. Bruce Brown says:

    Well done guys, it was great to catch up with you in Melbourne. Have a great time with the rest of your travels, love the Browns


  4. Tony Crews says:

    She’ll a;ways have a special place in your hearts…….she took you to beautiful and exotic places, through some rough patches and wild seas, yet kept you safe! Time for her to now do the same for someone else that will love her as much as you tow did..I will miss the blogs about her and the adventures…….but look forward to the next stage. Best of luck and warm wishes to both of you.


  5. Anne-Marie says:

    Sarah, Your post got me all teary-eyed and nostalgic for Starship. What a bitter sweet feeling to sell HQ! Glad you had a quick sale and enjoy your coming adventures 🙂 Keep us posted!


  6. Chris says:

    Welcome to the world of the land bound! You’ll get used to it 😦

    Congratulations, although I know it is a mixed bag.

    Hope we cross paths again soon!


  7. Valerie Williams says:

    Glad and sad for you both 🙂 Looking forward to hearing about your terra firma adventures. I’m sure you will keep us equally spellbound!!


  8. Richard Lees says:

    Nicely done you two!

    Your experiences and your refreshing blog have been an inspiration to your fellow members of the Bluewater Cruising Association here in the Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and Calgary chapters.

    I think the reason you were able to sell your boat so quickly is in no small part due to your Hydrovane Self Steering gear that served you so well. 😉




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