Shark Fin and Fog

A quick update – it’s been a foggy day. Radar is key for dodging fishing boats as none of them seem to transmit AIS. We keep a close watch.

We’re making good time, heading for Crescent City, Northern California. We should arrive around 6am tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it!

This morning I saw a shark fin about a foot tall, no joke. ‘It’ passed by our starboard side. The vision is still creeping me out. Eeeeep.

We are comfortable and content. Haven’t seen much of each other since we’re trading watches, but that’s the way it goes. All good aboard!

Almost 18nm W of Cape Blanco
Course 171*T
7.2 knots motor sailing

6 thoughts on “Shark Fin and Fog

  1. Nancy Power says:

    I was glad to hear from John and Karen that you are finally underway and that you are making good progress despite the fog and a shark siting. We had a bit of excitement in the marina last night – a baby seal was born on C dock!


  2. Maroulla says:

    Those foggy night watches must be a bit spooky. Especially if your on night watch with a shark hanging around . I hope your safely tucked into a safe haven now and haven’t been over run by crescent beach sea lions and seals !!!!
    Have a lovely time at Crescent beach and get a good sleep!


  3. Karen Curry says:

    Well done Will and Sarah! There is nothing like the high of pulling into port after a few demanding days at sea…..and better yet – you are in California! Lots of love to you bothxxx


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