Doesn’t get much nicer

We are into the shotgun departures!

Two nights in Crescent City were much appreciated to break up the trip, catch up on sleep, enjoy celebratory coffee and beer, and see part of California’s ‘Wild Rivers Coast’. More on that later.

We had no plans to leave yesterday, Saturday; we’d rented a car and spent the morning hiking amongst towering redwood trees. Spectacular. After so much ocean, the forest felt refreshing and familiar.

While buying groceries around 3pm, we suddenly realized, hey – weather and timing look good – let’s just get moving again. We were off the dock by 4:30pm, on the heels of a few other cruising boats and new friends.

Cape Mendocino is notoriously rough and windy, so a light air forecast so scoot around it is not something to pass up. And we are around as of early this morning! Yay!

Kaiquest is officially in latitude 38! We’re almost due west of Point Arenas, flying the spinnaker in about 8 knots of wind. We’re only sailing at 4 knots but it’s perfect as we need to slow down so as not to arrive too early to the San Francisco bar and an ebb tide in the morning. Wind should pick up a little overnight.

It’s really lovely out here. Clear skies for now, just us and the soothing sound of Kaiquest gliding through the water. Nothing on the horizon in any direction. We’re reading and having tea and cookies.

ETA San Francisco – tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed for a clear view of that bridge!


38*59′ N
Heading 169T
8 knots of wind
Speed 3.5 – 4 knots
Long gentle 1.5m swell

5 thoughts on “Doesn’t get much nicer

  1. bhc369 says:

    Sounds beauty!! Timely post as we just sat down for dinner at our new spot and read the post aloud. Also it derailed John Boys 40 minute long story about his trip to Lululemon this afternoon.


  2. Tony Crews says:

    At least you are not in the Caribbean (although it has been fairly quiet besides “Harvey”). Have fun you two. Tony Crews


  3. Lynn & Doug Macfalane says:

    Have fun in San Fransisco. Will you be there a while? Hoping you’ll be able to see the bridge. Still one of the highlights of our cruise was going under the Godlen Gate bridge. Love your blogs, keep them coming. Lynn and Doug on SV Miramar.


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