Scootin’ around the Bay

Looking for a last minute Christmas present for a sailor vagabond? Our pick: Adult Kick Scooters! lol. Sounds silly, but when you're a car-less, bike-less traveller, sometimes more walking starts seeming like a chore. The marina showers, the laundry, the store, can feel like miles away. So... scoot! Our pick (Razor A5 Lux) were $67 each on Amazon. 4 … Continue reading Scootin’ around the Bay

Passage PNW to San Francisco – Thoughts and Tips

For sailors leaving the protected waters of North America's Pacific Northwest, this is often the first offshore/overnight passage of a grand sailing adventure.  And it can be a daunting one… even with tens of thousands of offshore miles under our keels, I'll admit I suffered a few sleepless nights ahead of time. Hence, my theory: … Continue reading Passage PNW to San Francisco – Thoughts and Tips