Arrived in San Fran & Photos

I’m reminded of Ben’s apt comment in a video of Hydroquest departing the Marquesas (and I quote) “Sorry we haven’t checked in with you… turns out there’re other things to do on land”. Haha, yup!

We sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge at 2pm on Monday August 28th, 2017!!!! What a feeling – whether you’re crossing oceans or sailing down coasts, landfalls feel pretty darn great.

We’re currently anchored off Sausalito, enjoying the spectacular view of downtown SF and gorgeous real estate on the surrounding hills. There’s much to see right here, so we’re in no rush to move on. Β We almost got kicked out of the Sausalito Yacht Club yesterday because we looked like such vagabonds before our showers, but Will produced his RVYC reciprocal card just in time.

Although we’ve hastened down here, we’re adopting a new cruising mindset from now on: GO SLOW. Kaiquest will be in the Bay area until at least the Spring of 2018 so we have lots of time to explore every nm. I hear you can even take your sailboat up river to Napa πŸ˜‰

A full Passage Report with Tips to follow, but in the meantime – photos.

Sunrise over the Olympic Mountain Range

Cape Flattery and a Rocky Coastline South

Can see the fog coming – Yuk!

A Foggy Rainbow on Day 2 – this is considered GOOD visibility!

Gorgeous Sunset – Into Night 3

Our Track SOUTH – at furthest out, 40 nm offshore

Rounding Point St George in the early morn

Crescent City Fuel Dock at low tide

Credit Card sent up on a clipboard and rope

YAY!!! Arrival Crescent City – CALIFORNIA πŸ™‚

The transient dock in CC

Amazing Redwood Forests (Stout Grove in Jerediah Park)

Captain surveys the coastline

New cruising friends already!

Back out there πŸ™‚

Treats at sea from my mum πŸ™‚

Weaving through pod of 25+ Humpback Whales!

AIS Targets on Approach to San Fran

First view of the bridge

Made it!

This is a good moment

Kaiquest anchored in Sausalito, with view of downtown SF

8 thoughts on “Arrived in San Fran & Photos

  1. Tony Crews says:

    Welcome to SF. I will have to come and have a drink with you two end of September (off to Turkey Sep 8th and coming back Sep 24) …. hope you are still around then. Have tons of fun. ❀


  2. Lynn & Doug Macfalane says:

    Well done you two. We should connect you with our friend Joel Sorum on SV Campanrea. He’s in SF and just sailed back from Tonga via Hawaii. Heading back to Mexico in the fall. Also be sure to sail to the end of the bay where the SF airport is. There’s a great little marina there and the planes fly over all day and night. Really entertaining!


    • theKaiquest says:

      Thanks for the tip! And for the heads up about Joel… we will shoot him an email and hope to re-connect! Last saw him in Mexico in ’14 πŸ™‚


  3. Samantha says:

    So amazing I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like. Creating such amazing memories and I love that I get to hear about it.
    I like the sound of sailing to napa valley!

    Lots of love The Offierski’s xxx


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