Scootin’ around the Bay

Looking for a last minute Christmas present for a sailor vagabond?

Our pick: Adult Kick Scooters! lol.

Sounds silly, but when you’re a car-less, bike-less traveller, sometimes more walking starts seeming like a chore. The marina showers, the laundry, the store, can feel like miles away.

So… scoot!

Our pick (Razor A5 Lux) were $67 each on Amazon. 4 x faster than walking. Key features:

  • Lightweight (9lbs)
  • Folding (take up so much less space than bikes)
  • Large wheels for rough surfaces

The only disclaimers : 1) don’t scoot on the dock – I’ve almost fallen in the water, and 2) don’t scoot in the rain – the rear wheel break won’t work and wheels will start skidding… Will has bruises to prove it!

We were inspired by cruising friends in Paradise Village Marina, Mexico, years ago… so jealous of their scooters. Why did it take us so long to order these!?!


Next challenge – how to scoot while carrying a surf board… hmmmm

5 thoughts on “Scootin’ around the Bay

  1. Eric + Karoline says:

    Hey guys! Eric and Karoline here from SV Blackdragon (@Wandersailing).. Great pick on the scooter! Eric got the exact same one from Target in Eureka, CA. Need to get Karoline one now.. although she really wants a folding bike instead! Hope all is well for you guys. Feliz Navidad from Mexico =)


    • theKaiquest says:

      That is too funny!!! The word is out about scooters… or maybe great minds just think alike. Feliz Navidad to you too!! Hope you’re having a blast down there 🙂


  2. Anne & Pat Hurlburt says:

    What a great idea! Just wondering how they might hold up in the snow in North Vancouver?! Big hello to San Francisco for us-one of our favourite cities! Happy Christmas to you both.


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